2019 Inaugural Banquet

The inaugural banquet had 3 purposes and all of our goals were met! Held at the American Legion Hall in Wauconda

  1. It was a glorious night highlighting our introduction to the public of the charity and its goals. There were about 130 attendees and we created an atmosphere of fun and festivity with an informal and homey feel! Almost the entire banquet was donated; all food, entertainment, and the cost of the hall were given in support of the cause! 

  2. Fund Raising. A significant amount of money was raised. It was quite helpful in helping fund the charity throughout the year and gave us a comfortable level of operating funds to begin to aggressively pursue the initiatives of prevention. We hope it was made clear to our patrons and guests that we work to prevent suicide through:

    A. Direct intervention personal assessment and referral.

    B. Enhancement of positive community mental health through education and community activism.

  3. We believe that we presented ourselves positively to the community and brought commitment and enthusiasm to the cause. Many of the programs became fully staffed and we gained numerous volunteers and participants who eagerly and fully committed themselves to the many avenues of positive community mental health with a direct correlation to suicide prevention!